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The new release of LexSite (February 2019) features a suite of learner's dictionaries LexTutor that includes tools for creation of personal dictionaries and a library of public dictionaries. A brief introduction is available here

LexSite was presented at the conference Crossing the Boundaries: Cross-Cultural Communications in the Global Context held in the Pushkin State Russian Language Institute on February 14–16, 2018.
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The new LexSite tutoring functions were presented at the international conferences The Russian Language in the International Edication System (The National Technical Research University of Irkutsk) and Lingual Methodology Problems and Trends in Foreign Language Teaching in Non-Linguistic Schools (Omsk Armoured Machinery Engineering University).

The presentation On Tutorng Features of the Internet Dictionary LexSite was made at the 25th International Conference The Learner (Athens, Greece).